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UK Universities

Overview of UK Universities

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is top rank in UK Universities.The University of Cambridge is rich in the past – its illustrious Colleges and University structures magnetize visitors from all over the globe. But the University’s museums and collections too hold lots of treasures which provide an exciting insight into few of the scholarly activities, together with past and present, of the University’s educational and students. The University of Cambridge is 1 of the oldest UK universities in the globe and 1 of the biggest in the United Kingdom. It’s standing for outstanding educational success is known global and reflects the intellectual success of its students, as well as the globe-class original explore carried out by the workers of the University and the Colleges. Its standing is endorsed by the excellence Assurance Agency and by other outside reviewers of learning and teaching, such as outside inspectors. These high standards are the result of together the education opportunities offered at Cambridge and by its broad resources, with libraries, museums, and other collections. Teaching consists not just of lectures, seminars and handy classes led by people who are globe specialists in their field, but too other personalized education arranged through the Colleges. Lots of opportunities subsist for students to interact with scholars of all stages, together formally.

UK Universities

The University of Manchester

With an illustrious the past of educational success and an ambitious agenda for the future, The University of Manchester offers a learning knowledge rooted in a rich learning heritage and increased by cutting-edge explore and innovation – all at the heart of 1 of the globe’s the majority vibrant and exciting student cities. Its tradition of achievement in learning and explore stretches back over 1 hundred eighty years. The birth of the up to date computer, the splitting of the atom, the founding principles of current-day financials – all these and lots of more globe-changing innovations have their roots at The University of Manchester. Today explore remains at the heart of The University of Manchester. The organization researches in a broad range of educational areas than any other UK university and is at the forefront of the exploration for solutions to few of the globe’s most pressing difficulty, boasting strong collaborative links with production and the public services, and creation a real dissimilarity through its global explore centers, which explore a miscellaneous range of topics. The newest autonomous explore Assessment Exercise (RAE), issued in December 2008, position an impressive 65% of explore activity at the University as “globe-leading” (4*) or “globally brilliant” (3*).

The University of Edinburgh

Influencing the globe since 1583

The University of Edinburgh is 1 of the world’s best UK universities, consistently position in the globe top fifty, and grade nineteen in the QS globe University positions. We give a stimulating working, education and teaching atmosphere with entrée to brilliant services and attract the world’s best, from Nobel Prize succeed laureates to upcoming explorers, pioneers, and inventors.

Learn with us As host to other than 35,000 students, the University of Edinburgh continues to magnetize the world’s best minds. We suggest a range of ways to study, from on-campus taught programs to online part-time learn. We are the biggest supplier of online distance learning in the Russell Group of UK explore-intensive universities and offer other than sixty online courses.

Teaching and explore quality The latest details from the excellence Assurance Agency medal us the top rating possible for the excellence of the student learning knowledge. We offer more than 5 hundred undergraduate courses; 3 hundred taught masters’ courses and 135 explore regions.

Our position as 1 of Britain’s leading explore universities was reaffirmed by the results of 2014 explore quality Framework (REF). The REF charges 83 percent of our explore activity as globe-leading or globally brilliant, ranking us 4th in the UK based on the excellence and breadth of our explore.

Our animated explore culture has led to the finding of chloroform anesthesia and the Higgs boson particle and had created innovations such as Dolly the sheep – the 1st mammal to be genetically cloned from a mature somatic cell.

Supporting you and your studies We give a limit of support services to assist with your educational and personal requires. You will have access to educational support throughout your time with us, and if you are a global student, the global Office gives support and help to all non-UK candidates and students and our English Language Education offers help with the English language. We too have a limit of services:

  1. Student Counseling Service
  2. University Health Centre
  3. Student Disability Service
  4. Chaplaincy
  5. Childcare Services
  6. The Advice Place

Careers and Jobs The University of Edinburgh is position fourth in the UK and twenty-three in the globe for jobs*.  Edinburgh graduates are too between the UK’s best earners. Our alumni earn a percentage pay of £48,500 within 5 years of leaving university*. Our Careers Service can assist with your career options and offers practical advice about how to development your career objectives. From online job boards and support instruments to face-to-face linked with employers. Newest Emerging worldwide jobs University position * Emolument.com Edinburgh the city Edinburgh is frequently voted as 1 of the top places to reside in the globe. Cobbled lanes, dramatic skylines, and striking architecture unite with an array of galleries, parks, gardens, pubs and eating places. And not forgetting the largest annually arts festival in the globe, the Edinburgh event Fringe.

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