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Overview Online Schools

1:    Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School is 1st best school in online schools. AP courses are accessible, as well as a gifted and capable program. Students from Laurel Springs have been accepted to lots of-of the best colleges in the state, with 91% of online high school graduates accepted into their college of the option. Current tuition is charged for every course at $690 for every college prep course, $790 for every honors, lab or globe language course, and $990 for every AP course. Charges for the 2nd semester are discounted if students take year-long courses instead of 1-semester courses.

2:    Nebraska High School

Nebraska High School is 2nd best school in online schools.  The University of Nebraska High School is recognized and offers over hundred completely online schools courses. AP courses are accessible, as well as the higher Placement global Diploma track, a good option for global students hoping to attend university in the USA. Double enrollment with the University of Nebraska at Omaha is too supported through psychology, sociology, and comparative administration and politics courses. Useful July 1, 2015, 1-semester courses are $200 for non-residents, and $150 for Nebraska residents, while complete year courses are dual the cost.

Online Schools

3:    Franklin Virtual High School

The Franklin Virtual High School is a recognized completely online high school offering over one hundred twenty courses. Present program offerings contain a traditional high school follow, GED prep classes, ACT and SAT prep classes, summer school, credit recovery programs, and autonomous study. A college prep high school certificate is also accessible. Tuition is accessible on a month-by-month contribution plan for $185 a month. For students taking 4 classes in a five-month semester, this percentage out to around $231 for every course.

4:    Advantage School International

Benefits School global offers accredited K-12 course completely online. At present over 3 hundred courses are accessible, with AP courses in a broad kind of subjects. 2 diplomas are accessible to students of every age: a general studies certificate, and a college preparatory certificate. At present tuition charge by year at a price of $3950, which rounds out to approximately $493 for every course for a student taking an 8-course load. One-semester courses are accessible as well at a charged $650 for every course.

5:     James Madison High School

James Madison High School proposals a standard online high school program that may be ongoing year round. Mutually a general track and college-bound track are accessible, with courses tailored to those in the armed, who are house schooled, athletes & performers, as well as mature learners. At present 43 courses are accessible, with coursework accessible at traditional and college prep stages. Courses may buy singularly for $249. For diploma-seekers, an annual tuition of $1,374 renders a predictable expense of $171 for every half credit semester course.

6:    Clonlara School

Clonlara School offers a recognized online teacher-supported program for positions 5-12. Presently there are over eighty courses accessible at the high school stage, with an honors program, career exploration courses, and standardized examination prep. Students are necessary to have a portfolio of work, as well as have fulfilled a set number of society service hours before graduation. Students take five courses for every semester, as well as have the choice of one custom self-designed course made in collaboration with an educational advisor. Tuition is present $3,650 for every year, which percentage out to approximately $365 for every course for students who complete 2 semesters with the prescribed five-course course loads.

7:    Penn Foster High School

Penn Foster High School is a recognized completely online and self-paced high school. Presently there are thirty-five core high school courses accessible in programs for mature learners, house scholars, and traditional students. Six concentrations are also accessible: (1) high school certificate with early on college courses, (2) a healthcare concentration, (3) an information technology concentration, (4-6) and building technology concentrations in carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. Probable tuition for every course is $124, though may vary by program or payment process.

8:    Keystone National High School

Keystone National is a recognized completely online middle and high school. Presently over one hundred thirty courses are accessible at the high school stage with AP offerings. A credit recovery program is also accessible. Students may enroll in permanent or part-time supplemental learning programs, and get either the keystone Standard Online Courses or Keystone plus Online Course, which include 1-to-1 coaching support. Single semester courses presently expense $319 for standard and $529 for plus, while 2-semester courses expenses $419 for standard and $649 for plus. AP courses are charged slightly high.

9:    The Ogburn School

The Ogburn School is a recognized, completely online and self-paced K-12 school. Presently 45 courses are accessible at the high school stage with a senior capstone project. Mature learning and credit recovery choices are also accessible. Educational standards are aligned with Florida state educational standards. 1 additional concentration is accessible through the academy of environmental studies, in which students get the traditional and practical information required to create sustainable societies. Tuition different by the program, but starts at $1,295 for every year for high school programs.

10:    Excel High School

Excel High School offers recognized, completely online, and self-paced high school courses. Presently close to thirty online courses are accessible at the high school stage. Students may select from the permanent, part-time, mature learning, and mature learning fast track program kinds. All courses include textbooks as well as video instruction. All teachers at Excel High School hold a master’s degree or over in their discipline, as well as hold a state teaching certificate. Tuition is contribution based at $89.80 for all core and elective courses. For students taking 4 classes for every 5-month semester, that renders the every course cost as $112.25.

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