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Harvard University Admission

Harvard University Admission

Global Applicants for Harvard University Admission

Testing Language ability and economic Aid Information

We are regularly asked by possible students, do you add me as a global applicant Because applicants from outside the USA go through the similar Harvard University admission process as USA students, we do not classify individual applicants in such a way.  We have no quotas of any kinds for admission, all applications are evaluated by the similar criteria, and financial aid is evenly accessible to all students regardless of nationality.

When we refer to global admission, we are normally referring to applicants who apply from schools outside the USA. In common, if you are submitting from a school overseas, you will follow the similar measures and timetables as candidates applying from schools located in the USA.

The Harvard Club of the UK has produced a website to answer specific questions for those applying from the United Kingdom. You may find it a helpful source of supplemental information.

Harvard University Admission

Required standardized tests before Harvard University admission

We need standardized test scores from either the SAT or ACT (by Writing) and normally require 2 SAT subject tests. Note that the SAT 2 English Language ability Test (ELPT) is not acceptable as one of the 2 SAT Subject Tests.

More information about standardized testing is incorporated in our application process. You are just exempt from this necessity if your country does not offer these tests and journey to take them would be tricky.

English language skill must for Harvard University admission

Strong information of English is necessary for positive education at Harvard University, with the ability to understand and express thought fast and visibly. Though you are not necessary to take the Test of English as an overseas Language (TOEFL) or other ability exams, you may put forward your scores if you have done so.

Interviews before Admission

We support interested global applicants to have an interview if probable. If an interviewer is not available adequately close to you to make an interview probable, the absence of an interview will not adversely affect your candidature.

Financial aid

The financial aid policies for overseas citizens are accurately the same as those for USA citizens. All aid is need-based, and admission decisions are made without regard to whether an applicant has applied for financial help.

When you apply for aid, we work straightly with your family and factor in extra expenses for global- students. Harvard meets every family’s demonstrated need.

If you are admitted and not applying for financial aid, you will be asked to complete an I-20 documentation of Finances, without which we cannot issue visa papers.

Translated materials

If you hope to provide translations of the recommendations submitted on your behalf, please reminder:

  • All translations have to include the name of the translator
  • A copy of the original (untranslated) reports must accompany the translation

Visiting Undergraduate Student Program

Expend a Term or Year at Harvard University

Add Harvard University to your undergraduate knowledge by spending a year or term studying as a visiting undergraduate student. We reception the sole insights visiting students transport from their existing universities, and we are happy to incorporate them in our diverse academic society.

Reflect on applying if you:

  • Are currently enrolled in full-time, undergraduate study in the U.S. or overseas
  • Have strong academic and own record at your existing university
  • Feel your interests would be well served by courses offered by the Faculty of Arts Sciences in our course list

Visiting undergraduate students are not eligible for financial aid, so you will want to be ready to cover tuition and other costs.

Visiting undergraduate experience

In addition to conscription in the majority of our courses, you can take benefit of our many museums, laboratories, theaters, and extracurricular activities, all in the affluent cultural and historical setting of Cambridge and Boston. Explore life at Harvard.

Though you are liable for securing your own off-campus accommodation, you will be integrated in our home system through the link with Dudley home. Alongside with other Harvard University students who reside off-campus, Dudley House will organize your academic advising and offer recreational facilities and social activities.


To help make sure your time at Harvard is successful, we provide advising resources particularly for visiting undergraduate students.

Our advisers:

  • Give you a broad orientation upon appearance and approve your final course selection
  • Meet with you by selection throughout the term to converse academic issues and monitor your progress
  • Hold regular open office hours
  • Help you access specific advising resources
  • Organize social gatherings with extra visiting undergraduates

Off-campus housing resources

Generally, Visiting Undergraduate Students are not eligible to apply for on-campus accommodation. Though, a limited number of rooms will be available to VUS for the academic year 2016-2017 only, while cannot be guaranteed.  We do not anticipate this being a choice in future years.  These housing, which will be in double rooms with other VUS, are in Harvard University-affiliated accommodation in Harvard- University Square. Please reminder that these rooms are not in any of the 12 residential Houses and all Visiting Undergraduate Students will be affiliated with Dudley House. More information will be provided to students after they are admitted.

As always, students are welcome to discover their personal accommodations. If you choose not to live in the accommodation provided, securing an apartment in the Cambridge area can be time-consuming, and it is important to allow adequate time to get accommodation. When accepted, begin your search immediately possible. It is important to secure housing before incoming at Harvard University.

Harvard University accommodation

Harvard University housing cannot safe off-campus accommodation for undergraduate scholars, but they do give a number of online resources and can reply questions that are ordinary for scholars who will be new to Cambridge. (e.g., which housing areas are close to the mass transit system? which one are locations within walking remoteness to Harvard Yard? What is a suitable rental rate? Etc.). After you have been expected and choose to matriculate, you can entrance a Harvard University affiliate database of private marketplace rentals and sublets.

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