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About the College of Information

The College of Information was created in 2008 as the result of a consolidation among 2 academic units: the School of Library & Information Sciences and the section of Learning Technologies, and Linguistics Program attached College of Information in 2014.

Mission and Vision

Alumni Society’s Purpose

The purpose of this Society is to advance the attentions of the College and promote a closer organization among the College and its alumni. The Alumni Society is autonomous of the UNT Alumni organization but does partner with them for special occasions. The Alumni Society programs give an opportunity to attach with fellow College of Information alumni, share memories, and sustain connections to the sections and the College. Annually, it recognizes wonderful alumni, mentors students, and assists with alumni communication and networking. The Alumni Society is governed by selected board members representing different geographic areas and College of Information degrees. The Alumni Society sustains a university operating account and a UNT institution endowment account elected for student scholarships. Yearly, the board awards scholarships from these funds.

College Information

In 2008, the School of Library and Information Sciences became a branch of the College of Information. As a result, the Alumni Society board restructured to represent all the alumni of the recently formed College. The Alumni Society bylaws were Modified to reflect not only the geographic areas where a bigger percentage of alumni live but too the lots of degrees and cohorts within the College.

This managerial structure presents few logistical challenges. Nevertheless, we are overcoming obstacles and becoming a working board whose attention is serving the requirements of all alumni.


A college is Comprising of lots of people and we feel that the College of Information is comprising lots of enormous people!    We are proud of the many success and award that members of the college receive.  From University awards like Dean’s List and respect Day to external rewards like wonderful Reviewer, there are lots of people we would like to congratulate.  Please tell us about a deserve student, faculty, or staff at [email protected]

College Information about rankings

 Here are few positions that we are proud of for our programs:

U.S. News & World Report ranked our Medical librarianship graduate program as first in Texas and seventh in the state.

U.S. News & World Report ranked our School library media graduate program as first in Texas and tenth in the state.

U.S. News & World Report ranked our Library and information studies graduate program as twentieth in the state.

TheBestSchools.org ranked our online master’s program in library and information studies as twelfth in the state.

TheBestSchools.org ranked our online master’s program in learning technologies as twentieth in the state.

Onlineu.org ranked our online master’s program in library and information studies as 7th in the state.

GuidetoOnlineSchools.com ranked our online master’s program in library and information studies as ninth in the state.

Graduate: Doctoral

A Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Technology and Performance development accentuate university- position teaching and explore or corporate training and development, developing explore skills that encompass a kind of methodologies. The degree program is supported by a strong minor, emphasizing a cognate region that expands leadership perspectives.

A Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Information Science responds to the different and changing requirements of an information age; to the increasing recognition of the middle role of information and information technologies in individual, social, financial and cultural affairs. Graduates of the program are set up to contribute to the improvement and evolution of the information society in a kind of roles and settings as managers, researchers, and educators.

Graduate: Master’s

A Master of Science in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement set ups students for professions in career and technical education, and for documentations in trade and industrial education, health education, and marketing education. Courses improvement skill sets for upper education, instructional design, explore, web design and development, between others.

A Master of Science in Learning Technologies gives an organization in learning and educational technologies for the creation, delivery, and improvement of the learning experience. Degree tracks in Instructional Systems, Instructional Systems Technology, Instructional Systems layout, or Teaching and Learning with Technology are offered. The Master’s program set ups graduates for dynamic roles in Instructional Technology and Learning Technologies in mutually academic and corporate settings. This program is aligned with the modified standards published by the global Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

A Master of Science in Library Science OR Information Science set up students to succeed in a broad range of library and information science positions with digital image management, librarianship for schools, youths or distributed learning, legal or health informatics, information association, and information systems.

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