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Brown University Admission for Global Students

Brown University Admission

Reception at Brown University

Brown University admission for global students, Brown University Every year, welcomes global students who need a university experience in the United States. They come to Brown University to experience the challenges of college- level learning, the freedom, and self-discipline necessary for life on a college campus, and to meet up new friends from around the United States and the world who share their academic interests and goals.

To get ready yourself for success at Brown University, please read watchfully the following information about language ability and VISA necessities for studying in the United States.

Brown University Admission

Language Ability

When you decide to Brown University Admission, consider seriously not only your interest in and familiarity with the subject matter but, just as importantly, your level of English ability as well. Students who contribute to these programs must be proficient sufficient in English to succeed in a strict academic study, which involves:

  • Listening to lectures
  • Attractive actively in class discussion
  • Fast-paced reading and writing in English

You will need, as well, to be able to converse efficiently with your peers socially.

Because these programs deliver academic challenges typical of college-level education and opportunities for you to experience the academic and social aspects of US college life, your ability in English is important to having a valuable experience. Students who great effort with their skills in listening, speaking, reading or writing will discover that their challenges with the language itself can present important obstacles to their learning of the subject matter, no matter how well ready or interest in that subject matter they may be. Determining that your level of English language ability is suitable for your chosen program and courses is necessary to a successful result at Brown University. While few courses need considerably more reading and writing than others, all will need listening and speaking skills at a high level.

Students attending schools in which a language other than English is the primary language of instruction and for whom English is not the primary language spoken at home will be necessary as part of their appeal, to submit a letter from their English teacher outlining their level of ability.

While we DO NOT need the TOEFL as part of your request, the following least guidelines and recommended TOEFL scores are to be considered as you select your program and your courses:

  • Pre-Baccalaureate and Summer Session students must have the full ability in English – in listening, speaking, writing and reading and as a gauge of that we recommend a least TOEFL score of 100, with a least of 25 on the Writing sector.
  • Students enrolling in Summer Brown, Pre-College Online Courses, headship organization and BELL Programs should have minimum three successive years of formal English language study, solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and a recommended least TOEFL score 90.
  • The Intensive English Language Program is planned particularly for academically high-achieving, University bound students who are not so far fully proficient in English. And who wish to get their confidence and solidify the full range of skills. The Program requires minimum two successive years of formal English language study and a recommended least TOEFL score of 85.


NOTE: Some classes may employ a writing exercise to review student language ability on the first day of class. If in our finding the student’s level of ability does not meet the least essential for succeeding in the course or program of their option, we may through the student to a more suitable course or program.


Student applicants are optimistic to review our economic Policies. Please note that there are a $50 global processing fee and a $75 health insurance fee necessary for all non-credit global students. The global processing covers different expenses linked with the overseas release of conclusion equipment, I20 documents, and refunds where appropriate as well as other expenses linked with overseas bank fees etc.

Global students are considered non-United States people or stable residents of the United States. United States people living abroad are not charged the processing fee or the health insurance, except insurance, is requested.

After Admission: Immigration Procedure

Conscription in credit courses/ or courses that entail better than 18 hours per week of in-class moment needs that nonimmigrant students get an F-1 student visa, exclusively:

  1. Nonimmigrant students enrolling in Brown University Summer Period or the Pre-Baccalaureate Program must get an F-1 student visa and, as fixed by the rules, must also be enrolled full-time, that is, enrolled in two courses.
  2. Students wishing to enroll in two or more courses need an F-1 visa except the courses are taken one after the other. Any overlie in courses will necessitate better than 18 hours per week of in-class time, and for that reason will need that non-immigrant students get an F-1 student visa. Once in the USA, non-immigrant students cannot modify their course Conscription by adding or reducing courses, limitation or expanded their conscription, without potentially jeopardizing their visa position, and hence should choose their courses carefully.

Deadlines for Submitting Admission Documentation – 2019


If your course begins on: Your complete application and immigration-related materials must be received by:
June 11 April 14
June 18 April 21
June 25 April 28
July 9 May 5
July 16 May 12
July 23 May 19
July 30 May 26


Entering the U.S. After Admission Brown University

If requesting admission to enter the United States in F-1 position with an I-20 from Brown University, you must there to the Port of Entry Officer:

  • SEVIS Form I-20
  • I-901 SEVIS Fee Receipt
  • Brown University Admissions Letter
  • Official evidence of funding or receipt of full payment for program
  • legal Passport
  • I-94 appearance/departure card (received from the airline during the flight

If requesting admission to enter the United States in a position other than F-1 or with an F-1 I-20 from another U.S. academic institution, please contact the appropriate party accountable for your immigration position about travel information.

Later than Admission arriving at Brown University

All students should plan their journey to Brown University Sunday appearance and registration check-in time among 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Students who appear after 1 p.m. must check-in at the Office of Residential Life. Students who appear after 9 p.m. will be housed in a passing room for Sunday night and will receive their enduring residence hall assignment the next morning at Residential Life. When you appear after 9 pm a phone number will be posted on the door of the Graduate Center. When you call that number a staff member will help you.

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