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BA Degree

BA Degree

Overview of BA Degree

Study for a Bachelor of Arts BA degree in the evenings on a part-time base at the University of the Witwatersrand and advance yourself and your career.

You will gain from excellent training in critical thinking skills, exposure to new ideas, analysis of problems, creative thinking and problem-solving.

You can major in any 2 of the following subjects:

  • International Relations
  • Political Studies
  • Psychology (Clinical and Industrial courses)
  • Sociology
  • English

You can complete your degree by selecting from a wide range of electives.

Wits Plus offers you the unique chance to join commerce major (HR/Management/Marketing) from the Bachelor of Commerce disciplines with social sciences Bachelor of Arts major.

BA Degree

Entrance requirements

Automatic entry into the BA degree will need a Matric with the full exemption and an admission ranking score of 22 (prior to 2009 – Old Matric).  If you matriculated after 2009, the NSC rating applies and you require at least 35 points.

Success in English on Higher position (first or second language) with a symbol of E or above is necessary for admission to Wits University, prior to 2009 or after 2009 English HG or first extra language – level 6 or higher.

If you are older than 22 and matriculated prior to 2009, an application will be reflect on based upon your Matric school leaving diploma (leading to a conditional adult age exemption) or suitable post-school studies.

All adult Age Applicants will be necessary to do an NBT (National Benchmark Test) in December or June before receiving the BA degree.

Course Structure

The Wits Plus BA part-time degree is attention on the Social Sciences

The degree is awarded on completion of 2 major courses on 1st, 2nd and 3rd-year levels as well as four (4) elective courses.

A full year course generally extends over a year (2 semesters) – and points are allocated to every course and you will only accrue those points when you pass the course. A minimum of 457 points is necessary to be awarded the degree.

Students are advised to enroll for a maximum of 2 courses per year.


Study requirements

Wits Plus students are necessary to do the following:

You need to listen to lectures on the Braamfontein West Campus in the evening. Students attend lectures one evening a week for every course being studied. Generally, part-time students are allowable to register for a maximum of 2 full year courses or four modular courses in a year. Experience has shown to us that it is very tricky for students to cope with other courses while working and too maintaining a healthy family life.

Application information

Applications for the 2017 mid-year intake are open from 1 March to 30 May 2017 (BA General only, NOT BA with LAW)

2018 Applications will be open from 1 August to 30 October 2017

Please take a reminder of the last dates for applications. Late applications are NOT accepted under every circumstance.

Wits Plus has 2 student intakes per year for the general BA (NOT the BA with LAW): during January and July of every year. The primary intake for degrees happens in January. You may be asked to write an NBT test if you succeed for adult age exemption.

APPLICATIONS FOR THE BA DEGREE ARE DONE ONLINE. To apply online, you require to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a working email address – preferably Gmail
  • Click on the link above and start by making your profile
  • Once you have created your profile, you will accept an email
  • Confirm that you have received the email
  • Create a six digit PIN
  • carry on completing the application form on-line


Please make sure that you have:

  • Attached licensed copies of your ID, marriage certificate (if applicable) and Matric diploma.
  • Attached post school licensed and full academic transcripts (if applicable).
  • USA (previously HESA – Matriculation Board) Exemption Letter for adult Age Exemption Applicants.

Once you have been received to study at Wits Plus, we will help you with the option of courses and preparation of your studies.

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Muhammad Adeel
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